Rob Kean has been a professional in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. A high-school standout in track and field and football, Rob attended the University of South Carolina as a walk-on football player. There Rob worked within one of the country’s top exercise science programs.

Rob has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds, helped students reach and win state titles, helped multiple young athletes gain Division 1 Scholarships, helped many people get into professional sports programs in the MLB, NBA, UFC, NHL, NFL and other notable and top-level programs. He has helped people win finalist positions in national weight loss and fitness competitions.

After a major injury, Rob came back stronger than ever and won 1st in his class in his first ever bodybuilding show. He was featured in 2010’s Powerlifting USA magazine and was dubbed the ‘Original Gangster’ of fitness training. He has mentored multiple trainers through their own collegiate exercise science programs and advised many gym owners and trainers across the country. He is AFAA certified, and has earned multiple other training certifications. He has hosted and designed several workshops and strength training plans for athletes and fitness professionals across the country.

Yet, more than these qualifications and resume points, Rob has an incredible passion for helping people. He believes in helping the whole person, not just the external body. His mission is to not create clients who slave away for hours a day, but to create clients who see results with efficiency in “real life.” In fact, following Rob’s flexible fitness plans allows you to work out in your office, home, or in the gym. Rob’s expertise in biomechanics helps design individualized plans that fit your time schedule, and still see incredible results.

Rob’s mantra is “Keep it Simple.” He believes that you don’t have to have thousands of dollars to spend in order to achieve health and fitness, or spend hours a day in order to see results. His diet and exercise plans are incredibly easy to follow and fun! Be assured that if you train with Rob, not only will you get every resource you need to succeed, daily motivation, and a huge network of other people who are working at achieving their goals alongside you, but you will gain confidence, hope, and most importantly, results. Rob gives you results by keeping it simple.