I’m going to put out a challenge tonight- it’s been said that you don’t really want to lose weight. What you really want is the feeling you think you’ll get when you’ve LOST weight.
Let me say that again.
What you really want is the feeling you think you’ll get when you’ve LOST weight.
We think we need to suffer through deprivation, tough schedules, weighing meals, watching other people eat chocolate chip cookies, and all the while we’re suffering, but it’s ok! Because SOMEDAY we’ll feel great! Because we’ll be in a bikini or on stage winning hardware or we’ll finally find love or fit into that pair of pants.
But guess what? If we focus on the idea that we’ll only be happy THEN, and we choose to not feel happy NOW, then we’ll never get to THEN.
This is about a lifestyle change. We are slowly changing things about ourselves, our mind, our body, our spirit, our social connections, our habits. And we often approach dieting as suffering. We ‘can’t’ because we ‘have’ to go to the gym or we ‘have’ to eat this way. If we approach our journey as a bunch of steps where we’ll only be happy at the end, somehow we think we’re forcing ourselves to be miserable in the meantime.
However, if we’re intentional about spelling out how we want to feel at the end, there is absolutely nothing stopping us from feeling that way now. Instead of looking at the road ahead and words like ‘consistency’ ‘effort’ and ‘work’ as terrible things, and instead begin to focus on how today we can feel ‘motivated’ ‘centered’ ‘whole’ ‘complete’ ‘fulfilled’ ‘successful’ ‘free’ ‘full of joy’, we will not only reach our goals more quickly, but we’ll know how to be happy when we get there.
You have a lot of desires that aren’t negative. The desire to be thin or to be fit is not a bad one. But to have those things outside of a fulfilled and joyful life sucks.
I believe this is the cause of yo-yo dieting. We ‘get there’ and ‘there’ isn’t how we thought it would be, so we go back to old habits, thinking eating an entire pizza is the way to feel better… when the root cause is that we’ve never found fulfillment in the ‘today.’
So my challenge today is (and this is very much for me too) – is to identify the feelings you want to have ‘then’ and start finding them ‘now.’ This journey doesn’t have to suck.
I firmly believe we were created to have life abundantly, and that includes now.