Diet is the first and most important piece of any lifestyle change or weight loss plan. My plans adhere to my philosophy of keeping it simple. There is no counting calories, no complex calculations and hopefully less stress. Every piece has been laid out for you, so you don’t have to do anything but follow the plan. And if you follow my diet plans closely, I guarantee you will see results! It may take a few weeks or even months, but once your metabolism gets going, you won’t believe what your body can do.

If you have any dietary restrictions, each of these plans can be easily customized for you.


This is a simple diet plan that you pay for on a monthly basis, so you can stop whenever you’d like to. You will receive a new, updated diet plan every two weeks. This plan also includes access to an exclusive online group that has daily encouragement and accountability with others. You can also post and view before/after photos and ask Rob questions directly. Looking to add training to your diet? Check out the Diet and Training page. (Click here to see subscription terms).

$40 / month


This plan is not to be used often, but is extremely effective and will show quick results. It is demanding, so make sure if you choose this plan, that you are physically and mentally able and prepared to do a plan like this. You will get ten days of diet plans for ultimate results. This plan should only be used if you are 20 or more pounds overweight to begin with.



Do you have an event that you need to get ready for quickly? This plan will take your fat burning to the extreme and have you looking great in no time! This is a fat-burning meal plan that is effective and affordable. Get ready for an intense but rewarding three weeks!