For positive results in any journey we embark on, it’s imperative that we’re positive and optimistic. Our bodies follow our minds. If you put your mind in a negative state, your body will follow with a negative energy and posture. I like to approach bad days with this simple phrase: “Never bad days only bad moments.” Moments quickly pass. It often seems that the killer of positive energy and optimism are the issues we face in life, or our circumstances. Sometimes it helps to have the perspective that remaining positive and looking forward to brighter moments brings us to a cyclical truth: we have been in tight situations before and things always worked out. Things will always work themselves out when we remember the temporariness of bad moments. Don’t let bad moments derail your progress as you move forward in life… they are temporary! When you’re in bad moments, writing this phrase down helps maintain a perspective that’s often easy to forget. As we move forward to making positive improvements, we have to keep a positive mindset. Trust the process and the plans set before you, and before we know it things will be right-side-up again. For a great support group through difficult times in our journey, stay close to your OG Facebook group! We are stronger together. #ognation