Getting the most out of your training sessions comes from the level of intensity you train with. Some go to the gym for hours. Some are there for one hour or less. Most then likely the ones who are there for more then an hour are larger and softer looking. Look at it like this – if someone does the same volume or close to the same as someone who was there for hours in one hour, who got a better workout? Many make the gym a long social event. In all reality our body style reflects our training style. One who trains long heavy and slow will look heavy and slow. One who trains hard a bit faster and intense will look hard and intense. Then you have the mass building phase excuse. Growing leaner takes a real humble type “gym rat” this seems to be better in the end though. Having to diet for 18-20 weeks wondering what you have underneath can be a long stressful process. Growing lean size into a show can be very rewarding. Standing next to someone on stage who was thirty pounds bigger then you all year is now in your same class completely exhausted and you are lean and stronger. The message to be delivered here is.. it is about quality time and extreme pumps not quantity of time spent in gym. The magic happens in two other areas of life – 1 food 2 rest and the 3rd component is training. So blast your workouts and spend more quality time working on the other two components and you will see quality is by far more worth then quantity.